Ready for the new school year after the summer holidays?

It’s that time again! In some federal states, the summer holidays are already coming to an end and many holidaymakers have already returned from their summer vacation or have spent a nice time at home. Time to look ahead and keep an eye on the finances as the new school year moves closer and closer. The enrollment is imminent or the change to the next year. New school supplies can tear a big hole in the household budget, because a new school year usually requires new school supplies.

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Before the shopping list for the new school year is written, one should first take stock of the remaining things. Is it really necessary to buy new crayons, notebooks and a satchel? Many of the school items from last year can still be used well for another year. It’s easy to write a new list – but cheaper to do it is to spend older stuff. Often it is not necessary to buy a new set of crayons. Sometimes it’s just enough to replace a color. A new school year can be much cheaper.

A new school year also means new textbooks

A new school year also means new textbooks

Regarding textbooks, unfortunately, you have no way to save money, because they are replaced each year with new ones. As the subject matter changes from year to year, new books are used accordingly. Many schools offer bookshops where you can sell well-preserved books or exchange them for current ones. As the books usually account for the largest share of the cost of new school materials, the effort can be worthwhile. A new school year will be a lot more bearable, if not all books have to be bought new.

Always the latest trend

Always the latest trend

Children often have a different fashion awareness than their parents. Often the social pressure in the classes is crucial. In order to be “in”, the currently preferred brands are needed, which may be out of fashion again next month. It is then up to the parents to have a positive effect on the children. New clothes do not always have to follow the latest trends. If you manage to make children aware of value for money, then you can buy much more cost-consciously for the new school year. New school year = high cost of clothing – this does not always have to be!

The right tool for the new school year

With the stationery one should pay attention already to good quality, since they are the most important tool for the new school year. As we all know, a job can only be as good as the tools allow. When checking the remaining writing utensils should be paid particular attention to their function. Nothing is worse than having to write a class with a pen that does not work properly. Every housework becomes an inferno when you do not have the right writing utensils. New school year – new pens, otherwise the school work is not fun!

The beginning of school: an important event!

The beginning of school: an important event!

When children go to school for the first time, everyone is proud. With their colorful school bag, they are excitedly embarking on a new phase of life. The parents, grandparents and siblings are all there to celebrate the moment. Photos will be shot and it will be an unforgettable day for everyone – another step on the way to growing up. Parents hope that the fun at the school does not pass in the first year. It’s not just a new school year, it’s a big and important step!

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