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There are no people who want to hang on big debt, but it is nevertheless a situation that many people end up in at least once in their lives.

If you have built up a large debt that you find difficult to grasp then you should not ignore your challenges. On the other hand, you must take action so that you can become debt free as soon as possible.

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Even though it would be nice, don’t expect your debt to come out of the world by itself. You have to do something active to get rid of the debts that have plagued your thoughts and your night’s sleep for months – or years for that matter. Should you be able to get rid of your financial worries, then start thinking about how you will take care of getting rid of your debt. Here are five great tips:

1. Find Your Will – It is very unlikely that you will ever be indebted if you do not have the right attitude and will. It is you who is responsible for your finances, why it is you who has to make sure things are going to happen. If you dream of becoming debt free, then you must act and not just a dream.

2. Consolidate your payday loans at and get the big overview – If you have taken a lot of payday loans, then you can consider collecting the loans before you lose the overview. You can request a payday loan consolidation.

Overall, you gain two benefits from recording a collectible loan. You can reduce your loan costs and you can get a new overview. It would make sense to apply for a collective loan if you have borrowed several loans.

3. Make a clear budget – You will not be indefinitely indebted if you do not have control over your personal finances. Should it be possible for you to become debt free, then you need to put in a clear and realistic budget that you can actually benefit from.

If your personal finances are to work, then there must be a natural balance between your income and expenses. You should also try to reduce your expenses so that you have more money to repay your debts med.

4. Get in touch with your creditors – If you have a deep desire to become indebted in the near future, then you are advised not to ignore your creditors. However, you are advised to contact your creditors so that you can explain your situation. If you have the talents in order, then you can in all likelihood get some advantageous agreements with your creditors. If you put all the cards on the table and are humble then you will stand strong in any negotiation situation.

5. Work more – You can benefit from considering changing your work habits if you want to be debt free. The more appropriate will be to work more so you can make more money and thus become debt free. If you have the opportunity to take extra guards or go on time, you should consider it.

It is generally very difficult to settle on debt if you do not have the great income to do well with. In addition to working more, you can also negotiate your salary so that you may end up getting a fine pay rise.

In addition, it can be tempting to lend out of debt, but it will rarely lead to any good, as you just want to build an even bigger debt. You should, therefore, think carefully before you take out a loan in order to settle an old debt.

The songs of 'Big little lies' that have fallen in love with you and you still do not know

The songs of ‘Big little lies’ that have fallen in love with you and you still do not know

The songs of 'Big little lies' that have fallen in love with you and you still do not know

Madeline finds an empty vehicle next to the road and decides to park. Suspect that there is something that does not fit. And, as he approaches the beautiful cliff towards the sea, Renata throws it into the sea with violence. The song that sounds is Silver Trembling Hands by Flaming Lips and perfectly represents the state of tension of the character of Reese Witherspoon, who was having a nightmare. And it also represents very well that the music in Big little lies is cool a lot.

Surely we had to intuit that the series that HBO Spain broadcasts had many numbers to have an essential soundtrack. After all, they had had a lot of eye when it came to choosing music from the headboard. It’s about Cold little heart by Michael Kiwanuka , a British soul singer who was number one in his country but had barely heard in the United States.

It seems, however, that we are at a defining moment in Kiwanuka’s career. In August we found his single Black man in a white world in The get down , another series of essential soundtrack, and now we have this Cold little heart that in its full version lasts almost ten minutes (and not a single one).

It is necessary to recognize the effort of the musical supervisor, Sue Jacobs, so that the songs they use sound good, complement the vision of the director Jean-Marc Vallée and on many occasions his lyrics have to do with the images we see on the screen. This is the case of Frank Rich’s Super Rich Kids , which can not make more sense in a series about the social and economic elite of a Californian locality.

“The maids come too and the parents are not enough,” says the song that gets “super-rich guys who have nothing but fake friends.” While the series focuses on women who are very involved in the lives of their children, they do allow us to glimpse this reality both because of the relationships between the majority of mothers of students or because, as you did not see the brand, Renata addresses Jane as the Madeline’s au pair.

Another song that comes as a finger ring is Hands around my throat of Death in Vegas , which published the song in 2003 in Scorpio Rising , that same album that contained Girls , which would mark one of the emotional climaxes of Lost in Translation . And why does it work so well? Because it’s battalion and because it appears at the moment when Jane is fed up with accusing her son of drowning a classmate.

“In the same way that Jackson Pollock uses painting, Jean-Marc uses music. Before starting to shoot, think about which characters will be the tool for music, “explained Sue Jacobs in Vulture magazine. This is why there is a child character that dominates the music (unlikely but that allows the best music) or that there is so much presence of the music players of the cars or the iPod of the character of Shailene Woodley.

In the series, for example, we discovered that there is a social event where parents of students must attend dressed as Audrey Hepburn and Elvis Presley . And what does Chloe recommend to her father to sing at the party? Pocketful of Rainbows , a beautiful theme that shows the balance between classics and contemporary themes, which also uses a Miss Kittin theme.

One of the curiosities is that Jean-Marc Vallée did not want any composer for the images. Here we can see the close collaboration with screenwriter David E. Kelley, who had to take into account this preference of the director of CRAZY , another title where music was very important (in this case David Bowie and Patsy Cline, who gave name to the movie).

This circumstance explains, for example, such wonderful choices as The Wind of the alternative PJ Harvey , a perfect artist to create a rarefied and feminine atmosphere, which mixes the kind of images and the dark theme that underlies each scene.

Someone may think that there is a soundtrack, as is usually the case with HBO’s dramatic productions, or that it is because a piano is heard from time to time. No, it’s a song called Agnes Obel’s September Song, which usually sounds to express Madeline’s emotional state, which feels resentment towards her first husband even being married to a piece of absolute bread.

But since we can not be here all day recommending the songs one by one, we leave a link to the list of Big Little Lies where we find Martha Wainwright , Fleetwood Mac , Neil Young , Janis Joplin and an arsenal of artists that deserve to be heard .

Less money, teachers and seats: Bottle's new blow to public music schools

Less money, teachers and seats: Bottle’s new blow to public music schools

  • The specifications for the course that starts in September includes new budget cuts.
  • The companies that provide the service, the teachers and the parents of the students accuse the City Council of wanting to end the model.
  • The companies that manage the public schools of music and dance of the capital do not consider participating in the contest.
  • In 2012, 6,200 students enrolled and there was a waiting list of 2,000.

 Assembly of music teachers and parents at the school of Arganzuela to take measures against cuts in the service proposed by the Madrid City Council. JORGE PARIS

The 13 public schools of music and dance of Madrid capital can no longer. After finishing the course with great difficulty, the City Council has dealt a new blow through a new list of conditions (published at the end of June) which, according to the companies that manage the service, prevents maintaining the model and quality.

In 2012, the City Council withdrew the 3.6 million that it contributed to Música Creativa and Soto Mesa, the current contractors. The municipal justification is that this was a “non-essential” service and that some public services, in the words of Mayor Ana Botella, would be “for those who can afford them”.

This amount was two thirds of the actual cost of the service. The rest, up to 5.5 million, was paid by users. To compensate the cessation of funding, the Consistory proposed to triple the prices , but the companies refused and opted to lower the salary to their employees by 14% on average and incur losses (700,000 euros in the case of Creative Music) to avoid scare away users Finally, the prices only rose one third of what was expected, but they did not prevent that there were free spaces and that the waiting list of 2,000 people disappeared.

Less investment per student

For the next academic year there is no room for maneuver and Música Creativa and Soto Mesa consider not showing up for the contest.

If nothing changes, the subjects of 3rd Stage Language, Grouping and workshops increase 1.50 euros per month (21.50 euros in total). Basic Training, 2nd Stage Language and Musical Initiation will cost 1.70, 2.50 and 3 euros more, respectively (46.70, 21.50 and 33 euros). Special Education , meanwhile, recorded an increase of 6.5 euros (41.50). Instrumental Training Stage 2 only increases 60 cents (60.60 euros), the 3rd stage remains and only Instrumental Initiation low (7 euros less, up to 53 euros).

From now on, the City not only stops paying the costs of the centers (water, electricity, gas, heating and telephone with a value of 138,000 euros), but also imposes on the companies the payment of a fee of 34,000 euros for the use of the facilities. The Consistory justifies that they can pay it because the costs of providing the service will fall from 5.5 million to 3.6 and the revenues will increase by 700,000 euros due to the price increase.

The City Council has reduced the offer of places in schools by 152. The affected ones claim that the Administration’s accounts are a trap. The increase in income, they explain, would only be achieved assuming that the 6,065 seats -152 fewer-are available in all the sections, which last year did not happen. On the other hand, the 3.6 million recorded as cost imply an investment per student of 600 euros , when the previous year was 924 euros. “How does the City Council lower costs? Inviting us to dismiss teachers with experience and acquired rights,” lamented Amelia Caro, director of Creative Music.

The statement, in fact, eliminates the additional points received by companies that promise to keep all staff (more than 200 workers) and increases the importance of the economic offer from 20 to 30% (the more you get the lower cost for the municipal coffers). “They want new companies to hire young teachers and pay them as if they were instructors, they want to end the model and turn this into workshops, not music and dance schools,” adds Caro.

The new conditions do not stop there. The schedule is extended by one hour (from 15.00 to 22.00 instead of 16.30 to 21.30), but plans to use the schools outside of school hours disappear and complementary activities are eliminated . Neither do extra teacher training or free student concerts matter anymore. Instead, it will be more valued to winners able to give between 8 and 40 scholarships to students, as long as the money comes out of their own budget.

“We do not want the quality to go down”

Last Friday, parents of students and teachers held an assembly in one of the classrooms of the Arganzuela school. In it they agreed to send the City Council a manifesto demanding the maintenance of these centers in decent conditions.

Teachers and parents will send a manifesto to the City Council “We do not want quality to go down Last year there were parents who had to take their children out because they did not get the money, ” says Ignacio Vigueras, president of the student association and with a daughter who studies piano. “We have lowered the salary and now it is useless, we have many possibilities to go to the street “, complains the director of one of the schools.

For Pilar Lago, professor of the University of Distance Education (UNED) and member of the Professional School of Pedagodos and Psychopedagogues of Madrid, the deterioration of the musical education supposes an important prejudice for the students: “The music is physical and mathematics. to develop understanding, communication and emotions, without it, children are closer to isolation. “

Another mouthful to the public

This is a new step in the policy of saving and cuts of the City Council of Mdrid. Ana Botella has increased the number of elderly people who pay for telecare from 2% to 21% . The sports centers and swimming pools, which suffer from lack of conservation and material , have gone up 10% on average and up to 25% in some cases. The mayor is privatizing her management. The locals pay more for the rubbish rate even though the cubes are no longer collected every day. They also cost more parking meters (+ 9%) and IBI (+ 6.7% on average) . In addition, there is a municipal plan to sell public, solar, parking spaces and even tables to pay the debt.

Different ways to get financing for musical projects

Different ways to get financing for musical projects

On the occasion of the Music Festival that is celebrated today, the streets are filled with musicians who voluntarily give their melodies and voices to passers-by. In addition, free concerts are organized in many cities in different countries. On June 21, 2016, the Music Festival was held in more than 120 countries. However, musicians do not live on free concerts and their musical purpose comes at a cost. Therefore, we thought that this celebration was a good opportunity to give a review of the different ways we can find to obtain financing for musical projects .

Financing of musical projects

How much does it cost to make a record ? The Rolling Stone magazine published an article in which it is said that bands and famous artists came to destine millionaire amounts to get their records forward. Metallica spent a million for one of their albums in 1991 saw the light and the sixth album of Guns N ‘Roses, Chinese Democracy, cost 13 million dollars. However, we are talking about crazy figures. Through the Internet we can find more realistic costs that depend on many factors such as the costs of studies, production, distribution and many others. Making a first study of how much it will cost us to get our musical project ahead is an essential step to get the most appropriate funding. At the moment we know how much money we need we have several options, although we highlight two:

‘Crowdfunding’ platforms

These platforms work with independent investors that contribute capital to the projects that interest them. Therefore, having our clear objective and a defined budget will help us to attract investors to our project. In addition, in crowdlending we must take into account the reward we are going to offer investors, the taxes to be paid and the platform fees. On the Internet we can find a huge variety of platforms that are especially designed for musicians. Finding the one that best suits our project is essential to ensure success in financing.

In addition to specialists, there are general crowdfunding platforms that offer P2P loans to obtain financing for projects of all kinds. In the following table we can see an example:

Lender Quantity Cost I’m interested

P2P Loan Younited Credit

From € 1,000 to € 40,000 From 5.92% TIN (6.08% APR) Apply for




Subscription systems

If we already have a series of followers we could set up a subscription service by which our subscribers will receive exclusive material such as songs or versions, for example. With the price of the subscription we can go ahead with the expenses of our launch. This type of financing can be a bit more complicated to start, because we must create an exclusive portal for our followers. In addition, we will have to continue promoting our music on other public platforms to gain subscribers.


Musical Instrument Insurance

That’s why most people are extremely careful with it. Nevertheless, something can always happen: you slip on the stairs and the violin case with its valuable contents gets damaged. What now?

How to find the right instrument insurance

To be prepared for such accidents, there is an instrument insurance. It protects your instrument not only against transport damage and damage caused by dropping, but also against theft. Even if you have left your expensive belongings out of sheer forgetfulness and it gets lost, the musical instruments insurance (MIV) takes effect. This all-round protection is referred to in the jargon as all-risk cover.

In addition, additional benefits may be agreed depending on the insurance. For example, you may be entitled to a loan instrument while your instrument is under repair. You can also have not only the instrument, but also the respective accessories insured.

Whether professional musician, amateur musician, music student, or music student – an instrument insurance is worthwhile for all music people who have saved for their good piece long and are traveling a lot. If the instrument is damaged or disappears outside your own four walls, you will be left with no special policy to pay for repairs or for a new purchase.

Find a suitable insurance policy

That a musical instrument insurance can be useful, you know now. But how do you find the right insurance? Here an instrument insurance comparison helps. Get the best deals online from an insurance broker. The market for instrument insurance providers is manageable. Well-known insurers include Sinfonima, Zurich, BGV and Nürnberger Instrumentenversicherung.

The insurances differ in terms of their contribution rate and their benefits. Thus, some insurers offer only group insurance, which are recommended for orchestras, for example. The instruments of all members of the orchestra are then insured by the group contract. But other providers also have insurance policies for private individuals in their portfolio. The exact insurance conditions are individually agreed. Some offer special terms if you are a member of a specific association or organization.

The amount of the contribution depends among other things on the value of the instrument. Also, pay attention to special claims such as worldwide insurance coverage or electronics to be covered by insurance to find the right musical instrument insurance for you.

Formulate advance performance expectations

It’s best to make a list of all the points your insurance should include. In principle, every insurer offers an all-risk cover. If, in addition, extra benefits are desired, it depends on the individual insurance and its range of services.

Not every damage is insured

The all-risk coverage of musical instrument insurance offers all-round protection. But beware: in some cases, the policy does not apply. Which exclusions apply will be stated in the contract. According to Stiftung Warentest, this includes matters of course such as wear or intent. Other exclusions apply at the following points:

  • Weather and Temperature : Leave your instrument in a hot car and the paint will peel off, so you usually have to be responsible for the damage yourself.
  • Night clause : The insurance cover is often omitted if you leave your instrument in the car from 22 to 6 o’clock in the open air or an unguarded parking garage. Therefore always empty your car, even if it is very late and you could wake your neighbors. The exact time may vary depending on the policy.

During the day you may leave your instrument in the car. However, make sure that it is not visible from the outside, so you can not be accused of gross negligence. In the case of a car accident, the insurance also attacks.

  • Sample room : Often the insurance cover also applies in the rehearsal room. But beware: Not all insurance companies are liable if the rehearsal room is located in an uninhabited house – as is often the case.

How the disclaimers are designed in concrete can vary from provider to provider. Ask the respective insurer. Also, consider the scope of the policy. This is particularly important for musicians who travel a lot with their instrument, because some contracts are only valid in Germany.

Household insurance as an alternative for musical instrument insurance?

An alternative to the musical instrument insurance is the household insurance. For households with such insurance, musical instruments are co-insured. Although this will save you an insurance, the household insurance offers only limited protection. It attacks in your home and most of the time on trips, should they last no longer than three months. However, insurance cover only exists if the instrument is located in a closed building, such as a hotel room.

The household insurance is not liable for all damages. It only jumps in burglary, fire, explosion, vandalism, lightning and damage caused by tap water, hail or storm. But even here there are restrictions: If your window stood, for example, on tip, burglars had easier access to the house and the insurance may no longer be liable. Also, your instrument is not insured against fecundity as with the instrument insurance: If you accidentally drop it, the household insurance does not apply.

Step by step to your instrument insurance

If you would like to get an overview of various instrument insurances, you can consult an insurance broker. For this you usually have to fill in a form with general information about yourself and, of course, the instrument. On the basis of your information, the broker determines which instrument insurances meet your requirements and draws up a comparison. This contains all important details such as the amount of the contributions or the range of services of the various providers.

But you can also contact a provider directly and ask for an offer or advice. In addition, you can collect on the website of the respective insurance first information about the provider and its services.

Make application: That’s how it works

Once you have decided on an offer, you must submit an application for the respective instrument insurance. The application can be made through the insurance broker. In the application you must give different information. The exact design differs depending on the insurer. Typical points are for example:

  • Insured value: Here, a distinction is made between time value and new value. The fair value uses the current value of the insurance cover instrument. Depending on the instrument, it may lose or gain value over the years. For new value coverage, the price is used to procure an equivalent instrument.

Time value with expensive stringed instruments

Insure instruments that add value, such as costly string instruments based on time value. Those who lose in value, for example, wind instruments should insure you after the new value.

  • Contribution : In order to determine the exact contribution, you must provide information on the name of the instrument as well as the manufacturer and, if applicable, the manufacturer number. List all parts individually, including the bow of a cello and the accessories that are usually insured as well. In addition, you must provide a certificate of authenticity for instruments valued above € 10,000.
  • Risk Information : The insurer requires a statement of risk relationships. For example, was there a pre-insurance and previous damage in recent years? And how do you keep the instrument when you do not need it?

The insurance cover is valid from the date on which the application was confirmed by the insurer. The exact date is listed in the contract. How much time the confirmation of the application claims differs from provider to provider.

Calculation of the premium

The amount of the premium depends on several factors:

  1. The value of the instrument
  2. The type of instrument , such as a blowing, string, or plucked instrument
  3. The scope of the insurance

Reduce contribution reduction in household insurance

If you have household insurance, you can eliminate the value of the instrument from the sum insured of the home insurance, and thus possibly reduce the contribution. For the instrument then only the instrument insurance is liable.

The nature of the instrument, its value and the desired benefits to the insurance company are crucial to finding the right instrument insurance offering.

questions and answers

In which cases does an instrument insurance take effect?

The musical instrument insurance offers an all-risk cover. It covers transport damage, theft, loss and even damage caused by drops, fire and water. In spite of the comprehensive protection, there are exclusions, if the insured person acts grossly negligent. The insurance is not liable for wear or wanton destruction. The exact exceptions are specified in the contract. The basis for the instrument insurance is the application. Once confirmed by the insurer, the instrument is considered protected.

How is the premium for the instrument insurance calculated?

The premium for the instrument insurance depends on the type and value of the instrument and can therefore vary. For particularly valuable instruments usually a higher insurance contribution must be paid.

How long is the usual contract period for an instrument insurance?

The usual contract period for an instrument insurance is one year. If the contract is not terminated three months before expiry, it will usually be extended automatically for another year.

Which methods of payment are possible?

The method of payment is contractually regulated. Depending on the type of contract (is it a short-term contract or an annual contract?), The method of payment may differ. In the case of annual contracts, an annual contribution is often due, which is usually payable immediately after conclusion of the contract.

What must the device list look like?

The device list must contain all data necessary for determining the contribution. In order to be able to fully insure the instrument, each item must be listed – in the case of a violin, for example, the bow, but also the accessories should be listed separately. In addition, as a rule, information is required on the following items: manufacturer, manufacturer number, year of purchase and the amount of the respective sum insured.

What to do if I do not have any purchase invoices for my equipment?

In the absence of purchase invoices to verify the instrument’s purchase price, you can estimate the value of the instrument from a specialist dealer or instrument maker. Let’s give his rating in writing.

What to do if my instrument has been damaged or has disappeared?

In the event of damage or loss of the instrument, the insurer must be informed immediately. If you have taken out the insurance through an insurance broker, the damage report is made about this.

What happens to my instrument insurance when I sell all my equipment?

Should you sell your equipment, the insurance contract will be canceled. Overpaid contributions are usually refunded. If you create a new instrument, you can transfer the insurance coverage to this.

The graph that explains what musical style has earned the most money since 1950

The graph that explains what musical style has earned the most money since 1950

The graph that explains what musical style has earned the most money since 1950

With the good weather has started the season of music, pop, rock, electronic or classical festivals , there are events for all tastes. A few days for the Primavera Sound to enliven the Parc del Fòrum of Barcelona and while the 23rd edition of Sónar completes details, we take a look at the tastes and musical trends of the last decades .

For this we resort to Atracktion, a project of the Scientific Visualization Group of the Barcelona Supercomputing Center that shows in interactive graphics the data from the Whitburn Project list, crossed with others from Wikipedia. A work that was presented in 2014 at Sónar + D and that can be consulted online.

Practically since its birth, the rock has been the soundtrack of Western society. Born in the United States at the end of the 40s of the last century, the works that have accounted for his dominance show that we have been living at rock rhythm for 60 years, with a market share of between 20% and 50%.

Money that Rock has won over time

Rock has been imposed on the rest of musical styles by a landslide . It has been the rhythm that has won the most money in record sales, as Whitburn lists and visualizes Atracktion, with 1987 as its best year: discs worth 11 billion dollars (trillion Americans) were purchased. Only pop snatched the podium in 1963, 1975 and 1976.

After its year of glory, the electric guitars of rock began to decline in sales until falling in the 6.43 billion dollars of 1999 . It went back in 2002, with 8.45 billion dollars, to slip again until now. “Finding out how digital piracy has taken its toll on the music industry was one of the surprises that Atracktion unveiled,” says Fernando Cucchietti, one of the authors of the project.

The success of pop similar to rock but with lower figures

Everyone knew it, but to capture it in images has been able to observe precisely how Napster and other formulas have annoyed the sector.

The success of pop music is similar to that of rock , with slightly lower numbers and three moments of sorpasso. Its golden year was in 1999, with 8.89 billion dollars, moment that precedes its decline: as of 2000 sales dropped and have not recovered.

Who has best weathered the rise of digital music has been hip hop . In the middle of the industry crisis, it achieved its best result in 2003, with 9.5 billion dollars and a market share, that same year, of 36.8% (higher than the sum of rock and pop).

Money that the hip hop musical style has gained over time Money that the hip hop musical style has gained over time

Electronic music also lives its best year in the shadow of the crisis, specifically in 2011, with 3.14 billion dollars and 20% market share.

However, the computer generated notes reign when analyzing which musical style has been the most influential, another of the visualizations that Atracktion collects. Electronics has been the embryo of 308 musical genres, followed by rock (136 styles), blues (130) and jazz (124).

Ready for the new school year after the summer holidays?

It’s that time again! In some federal states, the summer holidays are already coming to an end and many holidaymakers have already returned from their summer vacation or have spent a nice time at home. Time to look ahead and keep an eye on the finances as the new school year moves closer and closer. The enrollment is imminent or the change to the next year. New school supplies can tear a big hole in the household budget, because a new school year usually requires new school supplies.

Image result for school suppliesSave money on the purchase of school supplies

Before the shopping list for the new school year is written, one should first take stock of the remaining things. Is it really necessary to buy new crayons, notebooks and a satchel? Many of the school items from last year can still be used well for another year. It’s easy to write a new list – but cheaper to do it is to spend older stuff. Often it is not necessary to buy a new set of crayons. Sometimes it’s just enough to replace a color. A new school year can be much cheaper.

A new school year also means new textbooks

A new school year also means new textbooks

Regarding textbooks, unfortunately, you have no way to save money, because they are replaced each year with new ones. As the subject matter changes from year to year, new books are used accordingly. Many schools offer bookshops where you can sell well-preserved books or exchange them for current ones. As the books usually account for the largest share of the cost of new school materials, the effort can be worthwhile. A new school year will be a lot more bearable, if not all books have to be bought new.

Always the latest trend

Always the latest trend

Children often have a different fashion awareness than their parents. Often the social pressure in the classes is crucial. In order to be “in”, the currently preferred brands are needed, which may be out of fashion again next month. It is then up to the parents to have a positive effect on the children. New clothes do not always have to follow the latest trends. If you manage to make children aware of value for money, then you can buy much more cost-consciously for the new school year. New school year = high cost of clothing – this does not always have to be!

The right tool for the new school year

With the stationery one should pay attention already to good quality, since they are the most important tool for the new school year. As we all know, a job can only be as good as the tools allow. When checking the remaining writing utensils should be paid particular attention to their function. Nothing is worse than having to write a class with a pen that does not work properly. Every housework becomes an inferno when you do not have the right writing utensils. New school year – new pens, otherwise the school work is not fun!

The beginning of school: an important event!

The beginning of school: an important event!

When children go to school for the first time, everyone is proud. With their colorful school bag, they are excitedly embarking on a new phase of life. The parents, grandparents and siblings are all there to celebrate the moment. Photos will be shot and it will be an unforgettable day for everyone – another step on the way to growing up. Parents hope that the fun at the school does not pass in the first year. It’s not just a new school year, it’s a big and important step!

Save now on school supplies and apply for bridging loan from C. Auguste Dupin

Often the expenses are unexpectedly high. The holidays are over and there are still some important things to do for the school. Since it can already be financially scarce. If you find yourself in this unfortunate situation, some bridging money can help you out of trouble. A new school year without financial problems: this is now fast and easy: the online loan from C. Auguste Dupin helps in the event of financial bottlenecks.

Apply now for bridging money

Vacation over: Everyday life and finances after the holiday

7 ways to learn to save in your first job

In there; the first income is used for pure whims. It is not something new or strange, and do not feel bad. The truth is that, in many cases, the most important lessons come from bad decisions. And when we talk about personal finances, mastering them is a matter of learning to use them over time.

In kubo.financiero, we are interested in not having any obstacle in the way to dominate your personal finances. It is for that same reason that we have decided to share with you our guide to become the master of your finances despite being in your first job. Take note!

1. Define your goalsImage result for goals

Although it is normal at the beginning, wasting your salary every fortnight can turn into a bad cycle if you get used to it. Better, try to start with the right foot; define and write down your objectives when starting your new work path. If you think and have a clear plan of action and a specific amount, it will be easier to take care of your money instead of spending it on temporary things that you do not need. We do not tell you not to spend; If what you want is to use your money to buy new clothes, there’s no problem. The important thing is that you meet your goals without money being an impediment to you.

2. Diversify your income

Do not use all your money for a single goal, or all for one shopping trip. Better, divide it. If you want to spend a whole afternoon buying new clothes or things for your house, that’s fine; but do not do it without first organizing your income. For example, if you want to buy new things for your home but at the same time save for a trip, both are possible. You can save 20% in a long-term savings account and the rest in the short term. Preferably, open a special account for your retirement to which you assign another 20%.

We also recommend reading: Millennials, should we start thinking about retirement?

3. Invest

While the income you keep for your long-term goals is growing, start investing that money. You do not need to have large amounts of money to start investing; with kubo.financiero you can do it, from $ 1,000! With us your money is completely safe, in addition to which the returns can be from 11% to 16%.

4. Do not keep what was left overRelated image

Think about it like that; you have ant expenses, whimsical purchases, go to the movies, passage for public transport if you use it, ect. Instead of saving at the end of the month what you have left after all those expenses, better save an amount every fortnight or month of payment that will be your savings budget. And what about the rest? You can use that for movies, shopping, restaurant meals, etc. What is important for you to understand is that you do not have to save what is left over, but give an important priority to your savings.

5. Learn to cook well

It seems that it has nothing to do with the subject we are talking about at the moment. But, seriously, you must learn to cook. It is a normal attitude to get excited with all the delicious food you can buy in your first days of work. However, it is not healthy for your health or your money. Invest in good nutrition; go to the supermarket and buy ingredients for good filling and healthy meals. They will last you longer, you will spend less and your health will thank you.

6. Get used to organizing events in your homeImage result for at home parties

Going every weekend with friends to clubs, bars and restaurants can make you spend more money. Do not stop going altogether but try to organize plans with your friends at home, with good music, a horn, and commissions that each one brings. The joke is that you save some money without letting yourself have fun.

7. Do not ask for an increase

At least that is absolutely necessary. Know different ways to grow your money without having to depend on% 100 of your work; You can make your hobby a freelance job , you can start your small business while you are working , or you can invest your money. A sign that you do not have financial health is to depend completely on your income, better put your money to work for you!

And to finish, we give you good news; we invite you to download our monthly finance planner for free. With this tool you can record all the movements you make with your finances, how much you save and how much you invest. Very good idea, do not you think?